General Insurance refers to protection against monetary losses of the insured arising out of events other than loss of his own life. Vast aspects of personal and business risks inherent and unforeseen, actual and notional losses are within its purview.

The subject of general insurance can be broadly divided into  Personal Lines and Commercial Lines.

The most popular coverages bought under personal lines are health insurance, motor insurance, home insurance, overseas travel insurance, etc. These cover non-business risks.

Commercial Lines insurance cover loss to factories, shops, hospitals, hotels any commercial assets, commercial vehicles, aircraft, ships,  loss to cargo in transit, losses during events like exhibitions, conferences,  due to a plethora of risks like fire, flood, storm, earthquake, burglary, etc. Yet another interesting concept is the indemnification of business enterprises from losses arising from claims made by the public, consequential losses,  loss of profits, trade credit defaults etc.

While the subject of General Insurance is really vast,  individuals and businessmen will do well to focus on the financial security that is offered on the purchase of an appropriate insurance policy.

Sickness and accident can result in significant medical costs and in extreme circumstances affect the earning capability of an individual, disturb his finances and savings and impact his lifestyle, all of which can dilute his financial goals.

An earthquake or any other natural calamity can endanger and lead to loss of some of our most valuable assets—house, office, shop or factory, and or vehicles—and jeopardize normal life and finances.


There is a plethora of information available about products, coverages, brands, pricing on the insurance websites, and independent sites too. The  following points  need to be considered before  finalizing an insurance policy

1. Type – Indemnity or Beneficiary           

2. The amount and extent of coverage  

3. The exclusion clauses

4. Special conditions, Additional Conditions, riders, geographical coverage, additional features.

5. The pricing and comparative offers

6. Whether a single product is enough or a combination is necessary.

7. The track record of the insurer in terms of ease of purchase and claim settlement.

A  knowledgeable, service-oriented, and competent INSURANCE ADVISOR  can add value in the entire process of selecting the cover, documentation, and servicing the claims smoothly. PRAGATI  ASSOCIATES   is well equipped to guide you in this process both in the personal lines and business lines.